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Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) Fellowship for Doctoral Students

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is exploring a collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to offer an Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) Fellowship for doctoral students in the near future. The overarching purpose of the program would be to help create, train, and promote community within the next generation of leading researchers in areas of scientific importance between UCAR and NOAA. While UCAR and NOAA are still working out the details, we envision it will target doctoral students who have completed their course work and are about to start their dissertation.  It is anticipated that the program will provide support for a student for two years with a possible option for a third year.

Possible dissertation projects could be focused on one or more areas of scientific and/or technical importance shared by UCAR and EPIC, focusing on the Unified Forecast System ( 

  • data assimilation, 
  • atmospheric dynamics 
  • atmospheric physics, 
  • development of component models (e.g.,land, ocean, ice, air quality),
  • verification and validation
  • post-processing, 
  • systems architecture (coupling, workflow, and continuous integration and continuous development), and
  • machine learning/artificial intelligence.

We’re excited about this opportunity and will provide additional information as soon as it’s available. Follow @UCAR_CPAESS and @NOAAEPIC on twitter for announcements and check back frequently for updates!


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