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AMS Short Course, June 6, 2022

AMS Short Course

Running the UFS Short Range Weather Application on the Cloud
Presented by EPIC

The AMS Short Course was held from 11am-3pm EST on June 6th.  This short course taught students how to configure and run NOAA’s  Unified Forecast System’s (UFS) Short Range Weather (SRW) Application on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud computing platform.

The UFS SRW App is a numerical weather prediction framework that targets predictions of atmospheric behavior on a limited spatial domain and on time scales from less than an hour out to several days. It is the foundation for improving NOAA’s predictions of hazardous convective storms made by convection-allowing ensemble forecast systems. The application does this by bringing together the essential components of the UFS regional modeling system under a single umbrella that runs these components as separate but interdependent tasks.  These components include the Finite Volume Cubed (FV3) based prognostic UFS Weather Model, pre- and post-processing codes, verification, and a workflow for running the system end-to-end.  The App is designed to be used by both researchers and in operations.

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Watch the replay of the AMS Short Course workshop, below: