EPIC Summer Hack-a-thon

EPIC Summer Hack-a-thon

June 13 – 18, 2022

Hosted on Google Meet with breakout rooms

Are you interested in learning more about the code that runs to generate weather predictions, or familiarize yourself with programming for a cloud computing platform?  The EPIC team and NOAA are hosting a 4-day virtual hackathon for anyone to join, regardless of your experience so anyone is welcome!  Join up with folks from around the country and work together to fix some theoretical vulnerabilities or issues in UFS code in a sandboxed environment and get some feedback from the experts on the EPIC team at the end to see what your team did right and what may have been missed or done better! 

Objective – Team up to focus on cyber mitigation and vulnerabilities in EPIC/UFS baselines through collaboration.

Participants/Eligibility – Anyone interested in UFS Weather Modeling or Code.  Limited to 100 participants.

Judging Criteria – Points will be provided based on the number of successfully mitigated findings in SonarQube.


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