EPIC CodeFest April 2023

Unit Testing Framework for the UFS

April 3-7, 2023

Hosted on Google Meet with breakout rooms.

The Data, Testing, and Optimization (DTO) Team has built a framework using CTest to enable unit testing in the UFS Weather Model and its associated applications. Using CTest will allow users to test functional code quickly and provide a sanity check that new user-implemented features work as intended. The EPIC Team is hosting a week-long virtual CodeFest open to participants of all experience levels. Join up with folks from around the country, work together to fix theoretical vulnerabilities and issues in the unit testing framework, and get feedback from EPIC’s subject matter experts.

A robust unit testing framework will provide the UFS community the ability to speed up development and quickly test innovative ideas. The EPIC Team will host a community event that shows users how to create and understand the unit testing framework that the applications will utilize. This will allow users of all skill levels the ability to make sure that their ideas work at a fundamental level without the need for longer regression, dependency, and integration testing. The community will engage together to add as many unit tests as possible after developing an understanding of the provided framework. As a community, we can improve the level of unit testing to where ideas can become innovations significantly faster.


Unit Testing benefits:

  • Test new functional code
  • Make sure your addition does not break existing functionality
  • Allow a compilation of high-quality unit tests to show the overall health of an application
  • Increase the speed of development by having a quick and efficient testing capability for the overall application


Objective: Show users how to create and understand the unit testing framework that the applications will utilize.

Participants/Eligibility: Anyone interested in using the unit testing framework. Limited to 100 participants.

Judging Criteria: Points will be provided based on the most unit tests added.

Monday, April 3, 2023 through Friday, April 7, 2023 

9am – 5pm EST

An impromptu video teleconferencing link will be provided and monitored over the course of the event for assistance or questions to help participants be successful.

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