Short-Range Weather Application (SRW) 2.0.0 Released

Plot of the USA, from a high resolution, 3 km, forecast over the CONUS on July 1, 2019

UFS Short-Range Weather Application 2.0.0 Release Date: 06/23/2022 The UFS community is proud to announce the public release (version 2.0.0) of the UFS Short-Range Weather Application. This newly updated weather application is designed for short range (up to two days) regional forecasts located anywhere on the globe. It contains the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v6.0.0,…

Congratulations to Ken Graham

Photo of Kenneth Graham

Ken Graham is the new NOAA assistant administrator for weather services and the 17th director of the National Weather Service, effective on June 7, 2022. Ken brings 28 years of scientific expertise and program management experience to the position, with emphasis on improving field operations, cultivating partnerships internal and external to government, and being an…

EPIC Celebrates Women’s History Month

Women's History Month banner

March is Women’s History Month, so this month EPIC is reflecting on women’s achievements throughout the program. Read on to learn about these women’s contributions to accelerating advances in our nation’s operational forecast modeling systems. Ligia Bernardet  Photo of Ligia Bernardet What do you do at NOAA?  I am the deputy chief of the Earth…

The EPIC team has successfully run the UFS weather model on all 3 CSPs

Cartoon showing abstracted UFS weather model concept.

The EPIC team has successfully run the UFS weather model on all 3 CSPs; Azure, GCP, and AWS and is now exploring ways to further optimize performance to ensure developers within the EPIC framework can efficiently and cost-effectively utilize the cloud infrastructure for research and development activities. Cloud computing platforms have evolved drastically over recent…

Download the EPIC Valentine’s Day Cards for 2022!

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This month, share your EPIC love!  Each card can be digitally shared as a downloaded image or link.  Find our EPIC themed Valentine’s Day cards on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Meet Our New Moderators

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Please welcome our new moderators: Shawn, Eddie and Jong! These three are gearing up for sustained engagement with the community and look forward to contributing their combined expertise to helping accelerate your contributions through frequent Q&A’s. Here’s a little about them: Edward: Software engineer with experience working with meteorological datasets. Eddie’s GitHub user name is, EdwardSnyder-NOAA…

Congratulations to Dr. Neil Jacobs

Congratulations to Dr. Neil Jacobs on his appointment to serve as chief science advisor for the Unified Forecast System. Jacobs is a former acting NOAA administrator and will begin his appointment on Feb. 14 2022.

EPIC Social Media Accounts are Live!

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Our social media accounts are live! Give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest news and support from our outstanding team.

Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) Fellowship for Doctoral Students

Students walk and talk using mobile devices in university

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is exploring a collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to offer an Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) Fellowship for doctoral students in the near future. The overarching purpose of the program would be to help create, train, and promote community within the next generation of…

Raytheon Intelligence and Space to lead new center dedicated to advancing U.S. weather forecasting

NOAA today announced that Raytheon Intelligence and Space has been chosen to design and develop the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC), an extramural center that will unite academia, industry and government to help create the most user-friendly and user-accessible comprehensive Earth modeling system. Raytheon Intelligence and Spaceoffsite link brings to EPIC proven expertise in scientific leadership, software engineering,…